Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Third Estate

Some coming day,

my only love,

you and I will populate planets.

In one sweet night,

we'll, in rhythmed kiss, unite

to create Abrahams...



and other angels unawares'...*

We'll make of love

in breathless weaves,

Adams who will follow Eves

out of gardens, clothed in leaves

we've made.

Our love makes them unafraid.

With passion such as trembles skin

and lights Celestial fires within,

we'll forge an Emma who will go

by Joseph's side while wild winds blow,

and jaws of hell gape open wide.

Our two bodies, warm beside

each others touching, will have sighed

and kept creating sons of men,

who, with our daughters, rise again.

With every breath,

with each embrace

our loving, tremblng fingers trace

the path from ear to heart to face.

For now,

Eternity is you,

and we've our Father's work to do

and all of time and space to love

and life to give to millions of

children born to worlds above.

Some coming day

my only love.

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