Thursday, March 3, 2011

Get Thee Behind Me, Satan

-Matthew 16:23

I'll put up with the cars

that break down every time I drive.

I'll endure the lack of thanks and pay

I get from nine to five.

I'll listen to the whiners,

bellyachers and complainers,

I'll ignore the high and mighty,

the judgemental parade-rainers.

But I will not take my eyes off

of the serpent on the pole.

I will not let your efforts leave me

one speck less than whole.

I'll fight you.

I'll ignore you.

I'll repeat it till I bore you,

but, Sir, let me assure you that

you will not take this soul!

I'll take the sickness, stress and loss.

Baby, bring it on!

For I am made of better stuff

than you have ever known.

I'll take whatever threats you wield,

whatever spears you throw,

but Lucifer, I cannot yeild.

I can't

because I know!

Woman in Prayer


needing , comfort, healing

humbly and with tears


"Father, here am I".


simple-faithed, obeying,

head bowed and with strength


"Father, hear my cry".


healing words an dnearing

heaven; He with light


"Daughter, here am I."