Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I think I think of Thee

as I traverse mortality.

I pray in the cracks and crevices

of Have. Do. Be.
I catch a glimpse or two of light

in my frenzied overscheduled flight

if all the starts align just right

and I hold my spiritual antennae

at the precise and perfect height.

I think I hear Thee speak

between the cackling chaos of my overburdened week

above the toll and bang and squeak

beside the faucet’s steady leak

behind the random ramblings of this

mumbling mother/geek.

I sing I serve

I teach I pray

I work I clean I write

I pray
I kneel I rise

I fall and say:


and He breathes the breath of life in me

He whispers, “Still.

Be Still.



Aah, Stillness.

Now I see.

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